About Us

The BIMATEX GmbH is a subsidiary of the Dierig Group. Like the parent company Dierig Holding AG and its domestic textile companies, BIMATEX is located in Augsburg, Germany.


BIMATEX was founded in 1976 and ever since has been one of the leading international import and export companies for textiles, piety- and contract textiles. Since 2001 BIMATEX has been part of the Dierig Group. The group network provides lots of benefits for the customers of the Bimatex GmbH. The company has its own warehouse, a wide range of goods and extensive experience in the textile business.

The activities of BIMATEX are divided into several textile sectors. In the contract business we sell textiles to wholesalers, hospitals, retirement homes and hotels. In addition, BIMATEX offers special terry products, surgical gowns and other essentials to serve the wholesale comprehensively.

Furthermore, the company trades grey fabrics. BIMATEX does the purchasing of grey fabrics for all bedding companies in the Dierig Group like fleuresse and Kaeppel in Germany, as well as Christian Dierig GmbH in Austria and the Dierig AG in Switzerland. These large quantities result in great advantages for all customers of the entire group.

About Us

Besides the grey fabrics for the bedding and the home textile industry, BIMATEX offers even more products in different process stages. Among these are technical fabrics, such as backing fabrics for the production of polishing discs or filtration fabrics. Also women’s and men’s wear qualities can be produced and delivered according to the customer’s specification.


BIMATEX sees itself as a service company. The customers meet a highly qualified team of experts in textile knowledge, foreign trade and marketing. The BIMATEX-team takes on the purchasing for the customers, as well as all follow-up tasks such as financing, logistics, customs clearance and warehousing.

As a part of the Dierig Group BIMATEX is obliged to a long textile tradition. Dierig was founded in 1805 in Langenbielau, Silesia. The business plan of its founder, Christian Gottlob Dierig was as in the following mentioned. He purchased yarn, passed it on to individuals doing hand-weaving and paid them for their job, then he sold the woven fabrics on the market. By 1930 Dierig had become the biggest cotton spinning and weaving mill in Europe. It was after the World War II when the Dierig group moved its headquarters to Augsburg and again became one of the most important textile companies in Germany. Today, Dierig is the last remaining Augsburg-based textile company that still manufactures and markets textiles in significant quantities.