Process filtration for solid-liquid separation

Due to many years of experience in process filtration BIMATEX can offer a wide range of fabrics for various solid-liquid separation applications:

- fabrics for filter cloths
- fabrics for vacuum belt filters and automatic filter presses
- special fabrics for centrifuge bags and double-layer fabrics

The fabric range comprises of PP, PET, PBT and PA fabrics.

All qualities can be supplied as roll goods.


Fabrics for filter cloths

These fabrics can be supplied as 100% Monofilament fabrics, 100% Multifilament fabrics or as mixed fabrics Mono/Multi, Multi/Spun.

Application examples:

- chemical and pharmaceutical industry
- sewage filtration, waste water, electroplating
- pigment filtration, koalin filtration
- food industries (sugar, starch, palm oil)


Application Material Yarn AP L/dm² x min Filter


PP multi x multi 3….7 Filter press



multi x multi
mono x mono
mono x multi

Filter press,
Tower Filter Press

Waste Water municipal

PA12, PA6 mono x mono 250 ….1000 Filter press

Palm Oil

PA 6
mono x mono
mono x mono
250 …. 600
250 ….. 600
Filter press
Filter press

Waste Water chemical industry

PP mono x multi 5……..50 Filter press

Sugar & Starch


Mono x Mono
spun x spun
Filter press
Filter press




Fabrics for vacuum belt filters and automatic filter presses

Many product filtration applications require a constant drainage of the liquid materials that are to be filtered. In these cases belt filters and vacuum belt filters are often used. Special fabrics made from PET and PP are part of our product range.

Application examples:
- food industry
- metallurgy


Special fabrics for centrifuge bags and double layered cloths

The pharmaceutical industry increasingly uses centrifuges for product filtration. Specially made fabrics made from PP and PET and certified according to EU 10/2011 and US FDA regulations can be supplied.

Application examples:
- food and pharmaceutical industries
- chemical industries, product filtration