Beddings for hospitals and hotels

BIMATEX sells contract textiles to tradesmen, wholesalers for hotels, hospitals and retirement homes. The programme includes damasks with vertical and diagonal stripe sateen in different sizes, coloured- woven pillowcases & bed sheets in different colours and stripes as well as plain-coloured beddings and non-iron seersucker beddings. Of course, our products meet the requirements for industrial laundries, such as: beddings with flap, washable at 90°C and fast to chlorine. We also do product development and product design and we are distributing our contract textiles internationally with great success.

Flat sheets, bed sheets with cup and jersey fitted sheets

Bimatex offers many different sheets to meet different requirements. There are open sheets, bed sheets with cup and jersey fitted sheets with an elastic band. These are either pure cotton or blended fabrics in cotton and polyester. Jersey fitted sheets with a polyester coated bottom side are being produced for the use in hospitals or retirement homes. Bimatex also provides mattress covers and coloured jersey fitted sheets. As all the sheets are washable at 90°C and chlorine fast, they can be cleaned in industrial laundries.


Terry towels and bath mats

BIMATEX has designed its own terry towels for both the catering and the hotel business, as well as hospitals and residential homes. Depending on the particular requirements, we can offer white towels in different weights, as well as coloured-woven towels. The collection includes face towels, terry towels and bath mats, which are available in neutral packing. Our textiles are washable at 90°C, fast to chlorine and bear the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.


Kitchen towels and aprons for hotels and restaurants

BIMATEX equips hotel kitchens and restaurants with kitchen towels in professional quality. These are made of a particularly absorbent cotton linen blend. Even so-called pit towels with the typical blue and white check should not be missing in a professional’s kitchen. Cooking aprons and bib aprons complete the range.



Table linen for hotels and catering

A good restaurant is distinguished not only by delicious food, but also by spotless white table linen and napkins. Bimatex distributes particularly elegant table clothes with a sateen band. And for a long lasting white the table linens are washable at 90°C and fast to chlorine. These conditions are perfect for laundries.


Hospital gowns - also for children - for clinics and hospitals

For children it is particularly hard to be hospitalized. To cheer the little ones up Bimatex developed a colorful collection of hospital gowns. We also offer gowns with high breathability and skin-friendly qualities for adult patients, but in more discreet patterns. The gowns are washable at 90°C and fast to chlorine so that they can be cleaned in any laundry. All Patients shirts bear the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.