Technical yarns for weaving mills and manufacturers

BIMATEX does not only supply technical fabrics, but also special yarns for technical use. Thus, weaving mills and manufacturers may obtain all their needs from one single source.

Special yarn is particularly important for manufacturers. For the production of protective clothing, these yarns will ensure e.g. that even the seams provide sufficient heat protection. The same can be said for filtration. When manufacturing filter cloth, the same yarn should be used as for the production of the filter cloth. Only this will ensure that all the qualities, such as tear resistance or food-compliance issues are guaranteed.


Technical Yarns

We supply technical yarns for various materials to weaving mills and manufacturers.

- Protective clothing
- Filtration: liquids & hot gas
- Conveyor belts

- Ring spinning
- Rotor/open end spinning
- airjet spinning (MSV)
- Friction spinning (DREF3)


Spinning capacity


s. no. technology capacity yarn count (Ne)
1 ring spinning 250.000 spindles 4s bis 180s
2 rotor/open end spinning 6.192 rotor heads 5.3s bis 36s
3 airjet spinning (MSV) 160 positions 16s bis 50s
4 friction spinning (DREF3) 30 positions bis zu 10s
Yarn details    
s. no. fibre type yarn count (Ne) applications
1 meta-aramid
(1.7d x 50 mm)
30/2s, 40/2s,
30/3s, 40/3s
protective clothing sewing threads
2 meta-aramid
(2.2d x 50mm)
12s, 16s, 24/2s,
industrial applications scrim fabric for needle felt
3 meta-aramid /
FR-viscose blends
30/2s, 40/2s protective clothing
4 para-aramid
(1.7d x 50mm)
16s, 24s, 10/2s,
10/4s, 30/3s
swing threads, gloves,
heat resistant textiles
5 modacrylic /
cotton blends
24/2s, 30/2s protective clothing
6 para-aramid /
PBI 60/40
32/2s protective clothing
7 cotton /
nylon 66 blends
20s, 16s, 10s

protective clothing
military clothing

8 PPS 24/2s, 12s scrim fabric for needle felt
9 homo- or co-polymer acrylic 24/2s scrim fabric for needle felt
10 multifibre yarn blends 30/2s protective clothing
indusrtial applications
11 100% polyester 4s to 40s,
industrial applicatins
12 hybrid yarns
(spun + multifilament)
heavy deniers industrial applicatins