Hospital gown for adults and children

BIMATEX sells these contract textiles to tradesmen, wholesale dealers, hospitals, retirement homes and hotels.

As a service we also offer a neutral direct shipment to your costumer with your delivery note.

Given that the fabric shrinks during washing, our hospital gowns are oversize tailored. The sizes stated are the approximate sizes before washing.

All our hospital gowns are washable at 90°C and chlorine fast, so they are perfectly suitable for industrial laundries.

Here you can find a summary of our assortment with a description of our minimum purchasing quantities (piece per box). We may also produce customized items for orders of at least 500 pieces per size.

All below listed products can be ordered by traders - even in smaller quantities - in our online shop:

Hospital gowns overlapping form

TD 200 hospital gowns for adults overlapping form - reactive printed with the dessins BOSTON (caskets) and NEW ORLEANS (starlets), 50% cotton, 50% polyester,
ca. 140 g/m²
overlapping form
slightly larger overlapping form
ca. 120cm long, 170cm wide

New Orleans


Children hospital gowns

TD 200 hospital gowns for children with cute, childlike reactive printed dessins, dessins Teddy, Princess, Car, Stars,
50% cotton, 50% polyester, ca. 140 g/m²
size 1 all with a yellow neck opening
length 65cm
size 2 all with a blue neck opening
length 87cm
size 3 all with a white neck opening
length 97 cm