Grey Fabric for polishing discs and coated abrasives for industrial use

BIMATEX has been supplying cotton fabric to german and european toolmakers and mechanical engineers for many years now. The fabric is used for manufacturing discs, rings and rolls for polishing tools as well backing fabric for coated abrasives. Depending on the end use our fabric meets demands of dimensional stability and durability. Our partners do refer over hihgly sophisticated weaving technology. This enables us to supply fabric according to your specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us at – we will submit you our customized offer.

Grey fabric for polishing discs

Cotton fabric supplied by Dierig is used as raw material for manufacturing various types of polishing tools, such as discs, rings and rolls. These polishing tools are preferably used to give mirror finish to metal, plastic or wooden surfaces. Customers are e.g. the automotive industry, mechanical engineers, household goods industry, construction and furniture industry, plastics industry as well as manufacturers of medical technology, musical instruments and jewelry.

Cotton fabric for coates abrasives

Further BIMATEX offers cotton fabric with high dimensional stability and durability, that is e.g. used as backing fabric for coated abrasives.The abrasive belts are used for shape giving grinding for metalic tools as well as for wood, but also for manufacturing surgical instruments and implants.